Hong Kong Cat Salvation Army香港愛貓救世軍

Adoption Centre 領養中心

The lovely cats and kittens below are anxiously waiting for caring people to give them a home.
Please contact us as soon as possible by phone 94319461, by email or by fax (24822219) if you are interested:

有意請盡快以電話 94319461, email 以電郵或傳真(24822219)與我們聯絡:
we are 3-dots and tri-color, waiting for a home.
已領養  adopted
Holly, 八星期大之女貓,



Holly, female, 8 weeks old

a book reader looking for a home.
can you guess why I am called HOLLY?


我們還有許多貓咪等待一個家庭收養哩!請電領養熱線94319461。We still have many cats and kittens waiting for a home. Please call adoption hotline94319461

We can rewrite their future! Please contact us as soon as possible by phone 94319461,by email or by fax (24822219).

我們能夠改寫牠們的未來一家!請盡快以電話 94319461,以電郵或傳真(24822219)與我們聯絡。

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